How do I use TopoTopo™?
Using TopoTopo™ is as simple as a Google search. Enter any geographic location anywhere on Earth and watch the terrain form into a physical model you can hold in your hand.

Why did HUSH make this?
We love connecting technology, science and people's imaginations. TopoTopo™ is a unique and fun way to learn about real-world geography and spark people's desire to explore.

Does TopoTopo™ cost money?
TopoTopo™ is free to use - it is an open source platform created and provided by HUSH with the intention of offering people a new and exciting way to play, use and understand data and explore the world from a new perspective. TopoTopo™ integrates the complex world (literally!) of open source data for you to explore. You have the option to save an image of your puzzle to share, or download the 3D model. If you want to buy one for yourself, you can route it to Shapeways, a 3D printing partner where you can complete the purchase of your physical 3D puzzle in polished gold, colored plastic, or sandstone.

What data sets does TopoTopo™ use?
TopoTopo™ uses open source data from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission. We parse this geographic data with help from the Google Maps API. Enabling you to find any place on earth! You can read more about the SRTM Mission and data generated here.

Can I 3d print my TopoTopo™ puzzle anywhere?
Yes! You have can download an .obj file of your puzzle. Alternatively, you may order a print via our connection to the Shapeways printing service.

Why does my puzzle look weird?
Sometimes the puzzle looks strange because of missing data. NASA & the USGS have tried to clean this dataset but some small errors remain. To get this data the Space Shuttle scanned the land from orbit with a laser. Lasers don’t bounce back very well from ice, snow or water covered surfaces. You may have also picked a weird looking place!

How can I improve my puzzle?
Puzzles tend to be more interesting when using data sets with extreme geographical variations. (e.g. mountains or volcanoes.)

What does the “zoom” function do?
The “zoom” feature allows you to adjust the overall area being displayed in the model.

What does the “height” function do?
The “height” is simply a function that allows you to control the vertical scale of location features. You can increase the height to exaggerate the shapes in your puzzle.

What does the “puzzle” function do?
The “puzzle” allows you to determine how many pieces you would like. Depending on how hard you want to make it! One solid piece, a 3x3 grid (9 pieces), or a 5x5 grid (25 pieces).

Why should I enable “allow pop-up”?
By “allowing pop-ups” you will be able to order, save, share and print your puzzle on Shapeways without disturbing your experience on our site.

What size is the model?
The model, when printed, is approximately 5” square, and an inch or two tall depending on your settings.


TopoTopo™ is the brainchild of the team at HUSH. It’s a new type of puzzle that couples an age-old intellectual challenge with modern technology.

TopoTopo™ integrates a complex world of open source data & cloud services. Harnessing the rapid advancements of modern fabrication techniques, and on-demand digital platforms, we’ve created a new type of puzzle that connects cutting edge technology with your imagination.

Traditional puzzles range in complexity. Appealing to all ages, puzzles can take on diverse forms, yet are typically low cost and easily portable. Even with the amazing longevity of the puzzle, few have taken advantage of the modern digital toolset or experience, such as customization and accessing real-time, cloud based information.

TopoTopo™ allows users to create a topography-based puzzle using open source data. The complexity of the terrain creates layers of difficulty to challenge the mind in a three-dimensional way. Users can create a puzzle that’s meaningful to them, variable in complexity, and rapidly produced in the real-world with the latest production technologies.

Using TopoTopo™ is as simple as a Google search, but you can create something you can hold in your hand, play with friends, or act as a memento for an experience far away.

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You are about to send your puzzle to Shapeways (online 3d printing) in a separate tab to complete your 3D printed TopoTopo™ puzzle. Please be patient, as it may take Shapeways a minute or two for your model to be ready.

Once loaded on the Shapeways page, you can customize and complete your order easily.